Request a Commision

Commissions are one of a kind, customized art pieces created as a collaberation between artist and customer.

First Steps: Have an idea in your head of what you would like. Knowing whether you'd like a frame, dome, globe, etc. is very helpful!

I have more information about Pet Preservations here.

Have a budget in mind that we can work with, a general color scheme or just a general overall idea. If you don't have specifics and would like to leave that up to me, we can do that too!

Pictures as reference are helpful! Please only include pictures of my own work, as I will only accept references of my own art.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot make exact replicas of my own pieces. While themes, insects, and placements can be similar, It's not fair to the original customer to have their piece copied down to a tee, plus it's generally just very difficult, and not as fun to make!

I ask for a 50% deposit upfront to help pay for the cost of supplies, but that can vary depending on the piece. This is a non refundable deposit. Payment plans are always accepted, but I will not begin the piece until that 50% is reached, and you will not receive the piece until everything is paid fully.

My 50% deposits for commissions are non refundable if I have already purchased the supplies.

Payments paid through PayPal will have a 5% added fee to cover the transaction fee. I also accept Venmo and Zelle with 0 extra fees.

Next Steps: Send me an email by clicking the button below and include as much detail as possible about your idea or overall theme, and budget, please make sure to note if your budget includes shipping or not. I will respond when I'm able (one woman show here!) and appreciate your patience!

If you have any questions about the commission request process, you can also use the button below to email me.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!