About Me

My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Ellie, it's nice to meet you!

I'm a self-taught insect preservation artist and taxidermist from Oregon, who's always been into the weirder things in life. From collecting bugs as a child and keeping spiders as pets, I've always had a liking towards all bugs and insects (yes, I was the kid at camp who would constantly get stung by wasps for trying to hold them)...

Wildflower Oddities started in March of 2022 as a passion project after seeing pinned insects in a storefront and thinking "Wow these are beautiful. Hey, I think I could do that?" and here we are!

I graduated from college with a Bachelors of Animal Science, although I focused on large animals like horses and cows, I think the principals of what I learned still carry over to this day, especially in my taxidermy work.

After reaching 40k followers in less than two years, I am floored with the amount of support I've had from everyone. From my first ever sale, to opening this website, I'm so thankful that people even care to look at my art. So, thank you!

I currently have a pet cat Minky, a Mexican black kingsnake named smudge, three beetle larvae, and of course my moths!

I am so eternally thankful for being able to to what I do, I am lucky enough to be able to do my fun hobby as a full time job, all thanks to you and your continued support.

Thank you for being here <3


My 50% deposits for commissions are non refundable if I have already purchased the supplies.

I am not responsible for what happens to pieces during shipping, but I will always do my best to fix the issue. Pieces over $100 will have insurance included on shipping. I will need photo evidence to file USPS claims. For example, if a glass cloche breaks I will send you a replacement. If an entire piece comes apart you can send it back (I pay for shipping) and I will fix it. But I cannot afford to fully refund an item and have a customer keep it.

Policies can be subject to change, feel free to contact with any questions.